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The OpenLearning Gamification course mentions the resources available from the US Government’s O*Net. Thousands of careers can be mapped to interests, skills, activities, and knowledge. A number of authors such as Mark Prensky and James Paul Gee have mapped game types to similar sets of skills. Taking these resources together allows a game developer or educator to trace the path from desired outcome to relevant game formats.

Below, for example, is a scheme of game types that might correspond to the career circumplex of John Holland:

holland games

Most careers are a combination of these interests. The O*Net lists thousands of careers and has ratings of these elements as well as detailed breakdowns of their skills and activities.

I recommend that those interested create their own databases from the free O*Net resources. I offer the following spreadsheet (.csv format) as an example mapping of over 5,000 careers to suggested game types.


Those familiar with Excel can look up selected careers or skills to get ideas of the sorts of games that might be most relevant. As mentioned in the Gamification Course this is not a ‘formula’. Indeed, sometimes a game might be best used to convey the less-interesting aspects of a topic. Rather, the idea is to use gamification sparingly and strategically rather than generic attempts to ‘engage’ the learner.

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