Lost City Scoring System

The scoring system for the Lost City can be easily created on a spreadsheet, but the advantage of using a paper print-out form rather than digital would be for class use, where a teacher could hand score items on the spot with a simple 1-10 rating system.

In a larger online game this would be cumbersome. The scoring form with maps automates this partially be assigning points using the post method in HTML to send a text string easily collated and tallied in a spreadsheet. The disadvantage of embedded scores in the online form is that a canny student might work out the clues by examining the HTML. If an educator wanted the students to follow the overt clues, for example to focus on the astronomical or biological clues, this sort of ‘hacking’ of covert clues would be a contaminant and sidetrack from the purpose of the game so it would be better to code the scores such that they didn’t form any discernible pattern to the submitter.

Online text strings can easily be parsed with software but this involves another layer of programming beyond the scope of this Gamification Course. Below is the rationale for the scoring of this particular Lost City quest. I caution that it contains the answers so that if one actually wanted to use the current Lost City it might give away too much information.

pdf click here> Lost City scoring system


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