Submissions to MIT Solve: Brain Health and Youth, Skills, & The Workforce of the Future

I have submitted Solutions to the MIT Solve Challenges Brain Health and Youth, Skills, & The Workforce of the Future under the Team Name: Dr Tom

, based around the Instant Play method as described in  the paper aace TIME proceeding_37089

The system includes a 2016 Australian Innovation Patent

The system has been in operation since 2014 for the Relief Teachers Association at

Benjamin, T (2016a) Simulation and Games on a Shoestring, paper presented to the Australasian Simulation Congress. August. Melbourne.

Benjamin, T. (2016b). Music Learning System:  Innovation Patent granted #2016101313



Benjamin, T. (2013a). Gamification. OpenLearning. Sydney.

Benjamin, T. (2013b). Gamification. SydneyEduTech Startup Spring Festival. Sydney Education Technology Group. Fishburners. Ultimo. 19 September

Benjamin, T. (2013c). Research Report Webinar. D-G lunch series. October. NSW Department of Education & Communities. Sydney

Benjamin, T. (2012a). Demo Mystery Game: The Great American Ballad January 25.

Benjamin, T. (2012b) Psychology of Multimedia. Splendour in the Class: Celebrating the Hunter’s innovative teachers. July. 26/07/2012 ,

Benjamin, T. (2011) An ‘Instant Learn’ Music Education System. Music Technology in Education Conference. Soundhouse Alliance. April. Burwood.

Benjamin, T. (2011). The ‘Lost City’: Development of a National-Level On-Line Mystery Game Using Freeware and Low Budget Technology. In S. Barton, J. Hedberg & K. Suzuki (Eds.), Proceedings of Global Learn 2011 (pp. 1210-1216). Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE).

Benjamin, T. (2011). Development of an instant-learn online Music education system. Virtual Brief Paper.  Global TIME -Online Conference on Technology, Innovation, Media & Education,  February 22-24.

Benjamin, T. (2010).  egames: Is imagination the forgotten ingredient? Computers in Human Behavior, Volume 26, Issue 3, May. Pp 296-301

Benjamin, T. (2010). Applied Technology Challenge: The Lost City. Tournament of Minds, Inc.

Benjamin (2007). Games and Virtual Worlds: Custom Training Materials with Standard Desktop Tools. TAFE NSW Conference on Teaching and Learning Practice. Australian Technology Park, Redfern, Sydney, NSW

Reviews and Interviews

Malcher, C. (2014). Games in Schools, featuring Giles Pritchard and Tom Benjamin. Podcast posted by ‘Capitan Typo’. Teachers’ Education Review. TER #014. 13 January. Sydney.

Duggirala, P. (2011). 3 February.

Randell, E. (2015). An Adventure in Gamification. Linkedin.



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