Music Club

The Music Club has been launched in 2016. The goal is to enlist participants from around the globe to learn and rehearse basic through advanced multimedia skills to share resources via digital technology. Online courses and activities will be conducted through and To date I have had over 7500 international enrolments in earlier courses such as Gamification, Personal Branding, and a range of psychology topics.

I conservatively hope for many times that figure for music-based courses. There are literally millions of guitars and ukuleles sitting in closets around the world, unplayed for lack of a simple learning system. My system evolved over many decades working in hospitals and educational institutions. It is logically the easiest-possible ‘learn to play’ system as it starts with 1-finger and even no-finger chords. What makes it revolutionary is that it re-writes the music to fit the player. The music makes the simple chords ‘fit in’ so there is no fear of playing a sour note.

Locally we have launched live sessions in Coffs Harbour through the Arts Council. We meet four times a month in a scenic park by a creek right in the middle of the CBD.

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