Your own international studio network

Something else no science fiction writer predicted was the capability to run an international media network at negligible cost from a laptop. Not long after everyone had become their own publishing house for ebooks and articles the doors were opened to free multimedia hosting. Where artists once needed a wealthy patron to host a gallery viewing and musicians needed live gigs suddenly anyone could put up .mp3s and .mp4s for free distribution and download. Instead of struggling to get airplay on someone’s radio show you could now host your own radio show with an international audience.

But why stop there when you can have your own radio station? … your own TV shows, your own international 24/7 News shows via free RSS feeds, your own TV and movie studio? …  in other words your own international media network … all run from a laptop, mobile or even an internet café.

The potential for all of this is only just being dimly realized. Any person with a mobile phone becomes an ‘international news correspondent’. They can transmit a quick bit of text and pictures (before the authorities spot them) which their colleagues on the other side of the globe can assemble into a professional-looking newscast. We’ve already seen this with Twitter reporting and it has the potential to become a routine 21st Century medium. I’ve given some examples just to show how easily it can be done. is literally a 24/7 international network. The RSS feeds provide updated generic news.

If you have a specialist niche and following all you would need to add would be a bit of your special content. We’ve had examples of this for some time with enthusiasts like astronomy clubs.

The theme of network-tom is based around helping you get started with your own multimedia. We start from the most basic forms such as a slide show then add media as needed such as audio, animation, video, chroma-key (blue screen) and special effects. A professional-looking production is now possible on a very low budget. The demo’s and tutorials give you ideas and show you how.

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