Ausmusic Month and National Psychology Week, International Games Day, November 2016

For Ausmusic Month 2016: 1-30 November and National Psychology Week, the second week in November, and International Games Day I’ve scheduled a number of events:

During National Psychology Week Australian Psychological Society members have been encouraged to offer events to the general public. This year’s theme is Compass for Life and it promotes the Center for Technology Transfer of the University of Pennsylvania PERMA – profiler (Positive emotion, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning and Accomplishment) measures of psychological wellbeing.

My first event in the series is

Event name Ways to thrive: Accomplishment
Start date 10/11/2016
Time 4PM -7PM
Attendance Public event
Event website
Venue name Seminar Training Room
Street address Seminar Hut #6
Suburb / town Coffs Harbour
Postcode 2450
State NSW
Event description “Being able to set and achieve goals and enjoy some mastery and control over our lives has shown to help us derive a sense of purpose from life” is a pillar of this year’s Psychology Week. This live event reviews the principles that can lead to accomplishment in new activities. The case examples for demonstration will include “games & simulations on a shoestring” as presented at the Australasian Simulation Congress (2016) outlining principles for custom simple game creation and a recently patented ‘world’s easiest’ music-learning system. The methods minimize complex software and computer expertise, making it possible for therapists, teachers and community group leaders to instantly gratify total beginners in rewarding participation. In addition to the demonstration the underpinning psychological principles and evidence will be reviewed.

The next event will be

Coffs Harbour City Libraries participation in International Games Day – at Coffs Harbour Library.

The project is an initiative of ALIA (Australian Library and Information Association in conjunction with the ALA (American Library Association)

“Our event is being held on Saturday 19th November. Of particular interest may be the presentation / demonstration at 12:00 noon.  Psychologist Dr Tom Benjamin will demonstrate the principles through which any task can be transformed into a game with applications for teachers, therapists, online educators and community groups. The event is a collection of FREE drop in sessions, suitable for ages 10+ as well as adults, and no bookings are required.”