Open Forum Series: Evidence-based Mental Health

I’ve taken on Coordination of the Coffs Harbour Collaborative Mental Health Professionals’ Network. The established Counselling Services Inc. and Coffs Branch of the Australian Psychological Society will merge some of their meetings to make it an open forum. I am also Vice-President of the Medical Consumers Association and will ensure that the consumer perspective is at the very least not mis-represented.

The overall topic will be Evidence-based Mental Health. Presentations will consist of speakers and audio-visual materials to stimulate and inform discussion.

This is an important topic from any perspective. Medicine itself is already regarded by some authorities as in itself among the leading direct causes of death in the Western World. The dramatic rise in classification of millions of persons into ‘mental illness’ categories starting in childhood, has a big impact on their future participation in the workforce:

As Dr Allen J Frances put it: “We have a medical system that couldn’t’ve been conceived more brilliantly by an enemy of the United States. Our medical industrial complex is a brilliant conception if you wanted to destroy our economy and it’s working exactly to do that.”

This Forum begins with these issues as a starting point and as Audio/Visual triggers for discussion, with templates and guidelines to evaluate the issues from the perspectives of the scientific method and its clinical, economic, sociological and historical variants.

The Forum will be held in the CBD Coffs Harbour. Current MHPN members will be contacted by email with venue details. Those wishing to register with MHPN can contact them at